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Forrest Cake, 1lb (1/2 kg)
Item# 1300
Forrest cake 1 lb (1/2 kg). Chocolate with vanilla icing. Requires 2-3 days advanced ordering, substitutions may apply if the item or flavor is not available. You may let us know your 2nd and 3rd flavor preference in ...
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USD 72.00

USD 69.00
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Note: Should an item or color not be available, substitutions may apply.
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Because some items takes longer to order, please try to order at least 2 day(s) in advance. If the item is unavailable, we will try to help make a substitution. If substitutions are not preferred, please note this on the order and we will place the order on hold until we receive further notice from you.
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Forrest Cake, 2 lb (1 kg)
Item# 1301
USD 104.00

USD 99.00
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4lb Forrest Cake
Item# 1501
USD 176.00

USD 171.00
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5lb Forrest Cake
Item# 1601
USD 200.00

USD 195.00
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Forrest Cake, 1lb (1/2 kg)
Item# 1300
USD 72.00

USD 69.00

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